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    Emotion-Focused Therapy

    EFT is a model developed by Sue Johnson who uses the principles of attachment theory to help guide couples in understanding the distress and disconnection in their relationship.

    EFT is an approach to therapy treatment based on the premise that our emotions are a key to our identity and a guide for decision making. When we lack awareness of our emotions or avoid unpleasant emotions, we are unable to use the information provided by these emotions.

    EFT helps couples to:

    • Become more aware of their emotions
    • Welcome, allow and regulate emotions using relational coping rather than feeling alone
    • Describe and share primary emotions rather than secondary (more defensive emotions)
    • Identify the negative cycle we are stuck in with our partner
    • Develop alternative, healthy ways of coping with situations that often elicit hurtful emotions

    Unlike other therapeutic approaches, EFT assumes that emotion can be a source of healing and works with specific emotions to increase adaptation.

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