Couples Therapy-Growing Apart


How did you get to a place where you no longer feel like a team? I am sure it’s not an easy question to answer…but what I can assume is that LIFE JUST HAPPENED.

Now all of sudden, something lead to the recognition that you are growing apart and living parallel lives.

This can feel sad, frustrating, and overwhelming. It may feel like your working 100 times harder just to catch up to where you were before in the relationship. This will lead to feelings of rejection and not being good enough.

One of you may be recognizing this drift more than the other, but I promise it feels shitty for both of you. It is possible that it has even gotten to the point where one wants to stay and the other wants to go. Yet, you both are still in the relationship so there is desire and want to make this relationship work, even if we have to dig deep down. 


I will help you guys find a way to reconnect to your love for one another and stop the cycle of blame that may have crept up in the relationship.

Blame is just a form of confusion and defensiveness. I will help shift this pattern and way of thinking and challenge you to make time for one another.

You will gain an understanding of how you both understand love and how you WANT and NEED love. Finally having the communication to say what your looking for rather than just guessing.

(Side note: Most people give love the way they want it and then they become resentful when they are not getting that same kind of love in return. BUT maybe your partner wants love differently and they are giving you love the way they want it). Just something to think about!

Contact me today to begin feeling like you are playing for the same team!