Couples Therapy-Affairs/Break of Trust

“A new disorder which actually leads to a new order”-Esther Perel

Life has been turned upside down and you are not sure how to make sense of what is going on.

Has something been off this whole time? Is there something wrong with me?  How could I have prevented this from happening? How could they have broken my trust? What is wrong with them for destroying our relationship?

These questions + 100 more may be some of the questions you ask yourself when an affair has been exposed in your relationship.

What you do know is that you want to know everything and your detective hat is on and you are searching for everything you can find- phone calls, facebook messages, phone records, text messages, and so much more to try and fill in the blanks and understand what has happened.

Each time you find something new, the pain you feel inside gets worse. But you can’t stop yourself and you continue to look through everything. Each thing you find, you are filled with more pain and confusion.

You may feel like you are losing your mind, but of course you are. Dealing with an affair is like nothing you have never experienced before. This feelings sucks.

Everything you thought you knew, you don’t anymore. Your mind and heart are going so fast. The number one question you are probably thinking is how will I ever gain trust back in this relationship? Likely it feels impossible.


The simple answer is yes.

However, both people need to put in the work. AND A LOT OF WORK!

I know first hand that you can become even stronger after working through this even though it feels like a nightmare.

One of my favorite therapists Esther Peter has said that “every affair redefines a relationship and every couple will determine what the legacy of the affair will be”.

It’s up to the couple to put in the work, but you don’t have to do it alone.


Rebuilding trust in your relationship is not an easy task. It takes courage and commitment. I can help you begin expressing your feelings and working on rebuilding the relationship. I will help stop the cycle of going in circles and actually work on healing.

You now get to have a voice and have the opportunity to find yourself. Change and say things that you may have not wanted to say before.

The opportunity for growth in your relationship will now happen. It starts with mourning the loss of your old relationship and beginning to build a new one. You got to this place somehow and we now get a change to find a better way to be in your relationship.

I know that can sound overwhelming but any remodel is…but what we find in the end is the perfect amount of newness while still having that “old charm”. (I love HGTV if you couldn’t tell where I got my inspirational quote from).

Contact me now so we can rebuild the trust and strengthen your relationship!