My name is Nicole Lewis and I help couples who are stuck in a cycle of arguing and feeling disconnected learn how to communicate and feel important to one another. Navigating your relationship can feel impossible at times. You feel disconnected, feel like roommates, and like you are dancing to completely different music.  The tension continues to build and neither person in the relationship knows what to do to fix it.

Both are left feeling unimportant and rejected in the relationship which only leads to more arguing.

Each time an argument happens, one of you has so much to say and the other person shuts down. I know it probably feels like your partner “just doesn’t understand” or care-but I trust and believe that you are both hurting but are defenses can come up so quick and it only pushes us further away from one another.

I want to help you guys stop this pattern so you can both feel understood and important to one another. There is something so powerful about being understood and being able to really share what is on our heart.

I know it probably feels like you have tried a 100 things to feel more connected and/or stop the arguing..maybe you have googled every connection and communication tip you think of, read every relationship book, talked to a friend-but what you find is the same argument happens over and over again and your left feeling so defeated.

I would love to be able to help you feel closer, more connected, secure, and open with one another so we can trust that the bond between us is a safe place to turn.

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