I know investing in therapy can feel very overwhelming and is a financial investment BUT your also healing emotionally. Imagine what it would be like to have a healthy and happier relationship. That investment sounds worth it!

Don’t wait and hope that things will change. I can assure you the feelings you feel now will only intensify and create more stress within yourself and your relationship.

I hear couples say to me so often that this is the last straw and if therapy does not help, the relationship will end. Don’t wait until the last straw…have a few more straws left when your working on it!

I am direct and want to help you make changes in your relationship. I will help you figure out the awful cycle you are stuck in and work on rebuilding the relationship.


Couple’s Therapy: $150

Individual Therapy: $120


How long does therapy last? It is different for all people, but what I can say the more work you put into it, the shorter amount of time you will be in therapy. I wish I could help make all the changes an hour each week, but it takes commitment from everyone involved to see progress happen. I will do my part to help move each couple out of the cycle they are stuck in to feeling more secure in the relationship.

Do I take insurance? I do not accept any insurance plans, but am considered an out of network provider. What does this mean? You can call your insurance and ask them if they offer out of network benefits to see if any of your sessions can be reimbursed. If this is something your insurance company does, let me know and I will provide you with a superbill to submit!