Individual Therapy-Relationship Trouble/End of Relationship

Individual Therapy-Relationship Trouble 

2 paths

Are you and your partner on 2 different paths? Confused about what to get on the same path as your partner?

Each of you have a different version of what happened and how you got to the space of feeling so disconnected and alone.

It feels like each argument is just on repeat. My guess is that neither person feels heard and more time is spent just defending ourselves rather than really feeling like we are getting heard.

Relationships are such an important aspect of our lives and when it feels like the relationship is coming to an end or we are struggling to maintain it—it is a lot to handle.

We experience feelings of guilt and worry about whether we are making the right decision. We think to ourselves have I done everything I can? Can I make this work?

OR if the relationship has ended…you think did I do enough? Is this my fault? Your left feeling hurt, disappointed, and confused.

Sometimes we just need someone to hear us. I help people have that voice and sort through their feelings so they can be heard so they can navigate their relationship or navigate the ending of a relationship.