Parenting can be considered the most rewarding part of life, but let’s be real…it is challenging. Each day is filled with love, chaos, and frustration.

As a couple, your life gets turned upside down and everything about the relationship changes for better and worse.

Your day begins and already you are taking care of the kids…did they eat breakfast, fighting to get them out of bed, are they going to get on the bus on time?

Each of you is working (out of the home or in the home–and either way–it is so damn hard), things needs to get done and you’re putting out your best performance. Now it’s time to all be home together as a family…and the running around continues.

Okay, so now the kids are in bed and it is time for you and your partner. It’s time for you to connect, but…you are exhausted!! Everyone else has gotten the best version of you and connecting and really being present is not what you feel like doing.

When you attempt to connect, it could even turn into an argument. WHY? Because navigating parenthood can be tricky.

Each of you come from different backgrounds and journeys which means you see life differently. There is a vision you have for the family and some of those ideas align and some, not so much. This could make connecting even more difficult.


I get it. I know feeling disconnected and like there is no space and time to be a couple can be very draining.

I want you to feel like you and your partner are dancing to the same song. I want you to laugh and have fun- even if that looks like sitting at the table in your sweats (but sometimes you should definitely go out and get a night away from the kiddos).

Think about what they tell you on a airplane…you have to put your oxygen mask on first before you can help anyone else (including your kids). Same goes for your relationship.

I can help you as a couple put on that oxygen mask and work on your relationship through the ups and downs of parenting. I promise by you helping your relationship this will DIRECTLY impact your children.