About Me

Hi I’m Nicole and I work with couples to stop the cycle of arguing and learn how to connect again!

I have a true passion for helping couples overcome obstacles that they face in their relationship. I truly believe relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives and I love helping people overcome their challenges so they can feel more connected.

I know it probably feels like you have tried a 100 things to feel more connected…but what you find is the same argument happens over and over again.

As a couple, each feel unnoticed and unimportant. You look around and feel like everyone else’s needs are coming before the relationship. You may say to yourself–damn I wish he/she cared as much about me as work, kids, friends, and anything else. 

You don’t have to continue putting your relationship last. Let’s bring back the trust, happiness, and fun into your relationship.

It is not easy, but is anything worth fighting for easy? NO.

We will work on understanding one another’s perspective and actually listen to what each person is saying.

I will be direct and challenge you to really listen and understand one another. I always say two people can tell me 2 completely different stories…and I believe both…why? Because it’s your own reality and what you believe is happening is MORE important than anything else.

Why? Because being right isn’t important. Feeling like your partner actually gets it- is what your seeking not being right.

I really enjoy working with couples on many topics such as communication skills (learning how to fight fairly), identifying the negative cycle you are in that continues making the same argument happen over and over again and then learning how to understand this cycle in a new way, learning how to listen and feel comfortable with having different perspectives, resolving and making sense of conflict, and working with regaining and building trust in the relationship after an affair.


I earned my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from LaSalle University and my Bachelor’s Degree from Cabrini University majoring in Psychology. I have worked with a variety of topics while working for 4 years at a non-profit agency, I also have worked intensively with children who are experiencing behavior issues or have special needs, and doing in home therapy.

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